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Pool Repairs

Progressive Pools and Spas is able to provide all the possible repairs your pool or spa equipment might need.

  • Has your vacuum stopped working?
  • Is your filter pressure too high or too low?
  • Is your pump loud or really hot to touch?
  • Are your pop-ups working correctly?

You might have some of your own questions:

  • Is it possible to lower my electric bill by selecting the right new pump?
  • Can I schedule a cartridge filter cleaning?
  • Will my system be able to run a pool vac efficiently and effectively?
  • Why aren't my spa jets working?
  • Why is my spa draining into my pool?
  • Is my main drain up to safety code?
  • Why isn't my salt cell producing any chlorine?

These are all questions that we have the experience and abilities to not only give a professional answer, but to also resolve and offer efficient and affective solutions.

Our Repairs Department boasts over 30 years of experience in working on pool equipment including; complete equipment upgrades, Variable Speed Energy Star pumps, motors, lighting, D.E., cartridge and sand filters, power controls, timers, proper valving, solar heating systems, remotely controlled systems (specifically Pentair Intellitouch and Easytouch), cleaning systems, salt cells, chlorinators, repairing leaks, and just about anything pool and spa related.

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